Grid Connected System with Batteries
Grid Connected System

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Inverter Solar brings not only the top high quality solar panels, inverters, and other essential solar parts to you from all over the world, but we strive to make your home or commercial installation quick and affordable.


Inverter Solar is ready to serve you at all time. Our licensed electricians are ready to help you to navigate through the installation process. Inverter Solar strives to provide efficient and affordable service for all of our clients.


Our solar systems come with a 10 years installation warranty from Inverter Solar in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranty. We will always stand firm in our quality standard,and our service will makes you satisfied.

Saving MoneyAffordable Plan for Every Residential and Commercial Installation

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Inverter Solar only brings the most affordable solar systems. The excess solar energy you generate and put back on the grid will be credited to you. As a homeowner with solar, you’ll be getting much of your energy needs from the sun, which can reduce your electric bill up to 30% or more. In the long term, the production of solar energy will save you thousands for years to come.

Saving Energy Conserving Energy for Your Home and Your Nation

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In the long term, the rise of fossil fuel price is inevitable. More solar system installations will reduce human’s need on fossil fuel. Solar system will help you to leverage against the rise of the fossil fuel. With an extra battery system, your solar system can even better utilize the goodness of our sun. Your energy conservation also contributes to your nation.

Saving Our Planet Contributing to Our Future Generations by Installing Solar

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For an each residential solar system installed, you are taking the equivalent of 1.4 cars off the road.  Your small effort can make a big impact. If only 5% of Australian households go solar, as a nation we are removing about 2,700,000kg of CO2. Your choice can really make an impact to save our planet for our future generations.